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Related post: Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 19:41:06 EST From: Subject: reunited with dad-7DANNY I woke up early Monday morning (the day 3d pre-teen models after the wedding), still in Jon's (the bartender's) bed in back of his bar. My head was spinning from my hangover. I had way too much to drink last night. My asshole still throbbed from the fucking Jon had given me. I looked over to see him still sleeping on his back, his big chest heaving up and down. I could feel his creamy semen seeping out of my hole. How many times had he fucked me last night? I figured a good remedy for hangover was cock sucking. I pulled off Jon's covers, revealing his crotch and soft dick. He was sleeping good when I leaned over and sucked his meaty cock into my mouth. I started off slowly, savoring the feel of his fat muscle in my mouth. Then I started to really work the shaft, licking at the balls with my tongue as his dick started to swell and lengthen in my mouth. Soon his dick was standing at full mass. I slithered my mouth up and down the shinny shaft, loving the feel of it in my velvety mouth. I started to feel pre-teen nude models free slutty as I sucked nudist gallery pre-teen up and down, taking him deep into my throat. After pics of pre-teen models a few minutes, I felt his hands massaging through my hair. "MMmmmm..." he moaned, feeling good by my efforts. " really are very good at that." --he complimented. I took his cock all the way down again, feeling the crown pulse in my throat. I forums pre-teen girls pics figured it wouldn't be long before I got a mouthful hot pre-teen porn of delicious cum, when I felt his hand on my ass, his middle finger exploring my dripping anus."Wow man..., your ass is so wet..., it feel just like pussy! Can I fuck you again?""Is a horse hung?" I asked, pulling my mouth off his cock. Jon maneuvered me on my back, getting between my spread legs. He lifted my legs then pressed them down against my chest, exposing my warm asshole. I saw the look of lust in Jon's eyes as he eyed my cherry pie. He stroked his cock before aiming it up to my cunt, then pushed in. I bit my lower lip, feeling his cock widen me as he burrowed in deeply. Jon ground his dick around in me for a few seconds, savoring the feel of my warm depths. "I haven't had pussy on a regular basis in awhile, dude..." he said, his balls plastered against my buttock. "'s a shame you're gonna be going xxx russian pre-teen back soon!""I know..." I said regrettably, already thinking of how much I'll miss videos de pre-teens his cock. Jon pulled back, sliding that dick out of me until just the head was in, then he slid all the way back up inside me. pre-teens xxx His cock already coated in a thin covering of his own sperm, making fucking me much non-nude teen pre-teen models easier. I simply laid back and watched him fuck me, taking complete control over me as he held my hairy legs up to my chest and dipped his hard cock in and out of my clinging bottom. I liked Jon, and I loved the way his cock felt in my gut, but I realized early on in my sex life that every man I allowed to fuck pre-teen anatomy me, was a substitute for my daddy. Despite all the years of lapse between us, I still had a strong attraction for him, and still imagined him fucking me with every man I allowed on top. I closed my eyes as Jon picked up his pace. His pelvis slapped into my ass over and over as his cock bore into me. My own cock hardened as I pictured my dad on top of me, his pre-teenz link scruffy underage pedo pre-teen nudes morning stubble and thick mustache standing prominent in my mind. Unexpectedly I felt Jon's lips on my neck as he leaned down to lay on top of me. His entire cock slid easily in and out, pounding deep as he built himself up for a heavy climax. I stroked my cock in time to his thrusts, enjoying his lips as they sucked hard at my neck. Jon humped on top of me, his big muscular body slapping into mine as my feet dangling wildly over his head. His thrusts got harder, driving his cock through me deeper. I felt pre-teen nn like I was being repeatedly impelled by his fat cock, my bowels massaging his thick phallus as it plunged into me again and again."Do you really have to leave soon?" he whispered in my ear as he continued to fuck into me. I thought I was hearing things, as I was busy working off my own fantasies. "How bout you stay a few more days? You can stay here with me if you don't have a place forbidden virgins pre-teen to stay!""I..." ...didn't know what to say, -I just lay pre-teen picture post there speechless as Jon kept fucking me, pre-teen sexy school girls his hips slapping into me without missing a single stroke. His thick cock felt so good sliding in and out, but my hand sat frozen on my dick as I was in shock by his request."Stay with me..., it'll be fun!" he smiled, looking down at me, his soft brown eyes pre-teen webcam girls making my heart melt. Then he did something that completely floored me, -he leaned models lingerie pre-teen forward and kissed me directly on the lips. I lay there staring up at him as his lips touched mine. From all pretense and purposes Jon was straight. He'd never fucked a guy before me, and certainly had never kissed on before (I could tell by the hesitation in his passion), but suddenly he started becoming more and more aggressive as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. Jon had a slightly stale morning breath (as did I) from drinking the night before. I could taste the stale liquor in his spit as I sucked along his tongue. He continued to ask me to stay while we kissed. I felt overwhelmed by his masculinity and confidence. He pre-teen naked girls pounded me harder, trying to get me to answer faster. I fought to try to keep from making any promises I probably couldn't keep, but Jon's thrusts was causing my head to swirl lustfully. My pre-teens porno gratis cock strained in my fist as I sucked his tongue, his cock steadily moving back and forth through my wet anal ring. I panted for breath as Jon fucked me. His body felt good on top of me, weighing me pre-teen models panty down into the mattress as he fucked me like he would his woman."Okay..." I moaned, giving in. "Okay...I'll stay a few more pre-teens bbs days..." Jon smiled as his hips slammed into a half dozen more times. He punched his cock deep into my bowels, then held it there as he threw back his head and came."Awwww yeeeahhhhh...!!" he groaned aloud, his cock jumping and jerking inside of me as he pumped my ass full of cum. At that same precise moment, I shot my own load all over my chest and stomach, pre-teen nudes art -my anal ring squeezing and tightening around his cock as it pre-teen myusenet milked him of every drop. I naturalist pre-teen girl drove back free trial pre-teen porn to my dad's house that morning pre-teen boys first cum before he left for work. His car was still sitting in the drive when I pulled up outside. I figured he was probably inside making breakfast for him and Eric, so I went in through the back door, I fully expected to see dad standing at the stove. Instead the kitchen was bare, and there pre-teen sex doll was no signs that anyone was even up yet. Carefully I closed the door and tip-toed through the house. Even before I ascended the stairs I could hear Eric and dad in bed. The pre-teen model thumbs springs were popping like nobody's business as I little pre-teen nudes approached the door and peeked in through the key hole. There of course was dad lying on pre-teen naturism his back in bed, with handsome Eric on top of him, drilling his huge athletic cock through dad's hairy backside. It was already after 8am, dad should have been walking out the pre-teen boy model door by now if he was going pre-teen lesbian gallery to make it into work on time. My naked young pre-teens cock got hard watching Eric's dick disappear into my dad's ass. I could hear my father's grunts as he was fucked by my best friend. There was no doubt in my mind that Eric had been fucking daddy all night, making up for lost time after all the years of living in Miami. I decided to leave them to their love making as I made my way back down stairs to fix myself a bite to eat. To my surprise, I saw mr Mack standing outside the kitchen door. He looked surprised to see me, as he was just about to knock on the door. "Hey Danny..." he smiled as I let him in. "I thought that was your car outside. How pre-teens mpegs was the wedding?""Okay." I said, not really wanting to think about it."Yeah..., I guess it wasn't the best night of your life, eh?" he asked, sympathetically. We both stood silently for a moment. "Is your dad still here? I saw his car outside. He hasn't left for work yet, has he?""No." I answered, picturing dad upstairs on his back with Eric fucking the living hell out of him."Good. I, uh..., wanted to talk to him about something real quick..." he said, heading pass nude pre-teen girl galleries me."He's not alone." I lingerie for pre-teen informed Mack, causing him to stop in his tracks. "He has company." I said, pulling the eggs and sausage out of the fridge."Oh." --said Mack, surprised. "Female?" he asked."Male." I answered."I see..." said Mack, obviously disappointed. "uh..., tell your dad I stopped by." --he said, walking back towards the back door."I pre-teen thailand girls could tell you really had something big you wanted to discuss with him..." I said, as he reached for the door knob. "...if that bulge in your pants is any indication." I added. Mack turned around to face me, his cock imprint definite in his crotch."Yeah..., we usually..., TALK pre-teen tgp pics every other morning when we have the time." --explained Mack."Well..., pre-teen sex vid I don't videos pre-teen nude know if you recall or not, but I'm just as good a listener as my dad is..." I hinted, suggestively. Mack folded his arms as he stared at me hard, his cock flexing under the strain of his jeans. The tough denim fabric could barely contain his piece."Oh really? Its been awhile since we've talked..., I don't know if you're as well versed as your dad." --challenged Mack."Oh, I've had my ear to the ground on more than a few occasions. You'd be surprised at how well I pick up on things." I said, licking my lips."Brian will kill me if he finds out I did anything with his son, again." --warned Mack."Dad doesn't have to know." I retaliated. With that, I sat the eggs on the counter, and walked over to Mack and sank to my knees in front of him. Mack never moved as I reached up for his belt buckle, and freed his thick, black, veiny cock from his zipper. It was a long and thick and hooded as I remembered. I peeled back the foreskin, and suckled the juicy head between my lips to taste his pre-teens videos xxx pre-cum. The head filled my mouth as memories flooded my mind. I remembered Mack, and Ray, and several others of my dad's drinking buddies taking turns to fuck me free pre-teen pussy pics in the back of Rosco's bar all those years ago. Mr Mack had one of the biggest binaries pre-teen nude pics most intimidating dicks I'd ever seen, and still did to this day. I took him into my mouth with confidence, I pre-teen pics ru had bought my bartender friend off several times last night with my experience, and I approached Mack's mighty black meat with the same air of desire and determination. Mack was impressed when I pressed forward, and buried his entire curved chocolate stick down into the very confides of my throat. He groaned as my lips sucked at the fat root of his cock, his knotty hairs scratching at my thin lips as my throat opened and ballooned for him."Not bad..." he said with a heavy tone, running his thick fingers through my nude pre-teen free movies hair. "...but I'm in no mood for a cute blow job..., I want my dick SUCKED!" he exclaimed, grabbing the back of my head as he pre-teen cumshot pulled my face into his groin, and thrust his pelvis into my face. My nose jammed up into his zipper as another millimeter of cock entered my throat, making my eyes pop. Mack ground his cock around in my throat for a few minutes, stretching my throat muscles before pulling back on my head. His thick dark brown colored cock slid slowly from between my lips, glistening with a fine coating of my own saliva as he gripped my head tight, and fucked my face."aarrrhhggggg...aarrgggg...aarrrgggghhhggg...aaarrgrgggg...!!" I gargled, every time his cock punched through my throat. He took over control of the blow job by gripping the sides of my head with his huge hands, and fucking my face with long steady strokes which surely opened my throat muscles all the way down into the very pit of my young pre-teen nude sex stomach. I held onto pre-teen-girls mr Mack's rock hard thunder thighs as he fucked me. He tilted my head back slightly to align my mouth and throat so he could fuck down directly into my burning gullet. I gasped for breath whenever I could, with spit and drool oozing out the corners of my mouth and down my chin and jaw. Mack picked up the pace once he was sure I had my gag reflex under control. I felt his grip tighten as his fuck thrust increased. His cock was piercing me deep. Snot began to run out of my nose, but neither of us gave a damn as I gave in and surrendered all my will to his lust. Mr Mack's groin was slapping into my upturned face, his zipper cutting into my suckling lips as my tongue danced up and down the length of his cock belly. I coated his cock pre-teen bathing suit models in saliva, lathering it with slick spit so my lips could glide across the glands easier. After what felt like 10 minutes of deep intense throat fucking, mr Mack pulled his cock from my naked pre-teen czech boys depths, and fisted it in his huge black hand while he held my head steady with the other. I panted and groaned for his load, licking my lips sluttishly while I gazed up at the chocolate monster in his hand. It was pulsing under his stroke, the flaring head dripping drools of semen while he masturbated it before me. I wanted to reach up with my mouth and re-capture it, but his hand on my head prevented me from taking it. After a minute or so, he aimed the head back down at my mouth and let me suck away the pre-cum. I ate all the little droplets my lips and tongue could find, then he jammed his full erection all the way back down into my ballooning throat. "AAARRHHHGGGGG...!!" I gargled as his cock hit bottom. He fucked me relentlessly for another 5 minutes, holding my head like a ball as he pounded away at my mouth and throat. Just when I thought he was about to cum, he pulled away and started fisting pre-teen erotic stories himself again. I watched cross-eyed as his cock pulsed and swelled before me. I wanted that dick to pop off in my mouth, to feed me the cum it's been dumping in my father's gut for the last 10 years. "You want this nutt, boy?" he asked me, female masturbation pre-teen faq looking down into my desperate eyes."Yes, sir!" I said, my own cock bursting to get free in my dress pants (I still hadn't changed pre-teen amateur sex from the wedding), the front of my dress shirt was soaked with drool. "Please give it to me, mr Mack? Give me your hot cum?""You're still the same lil' slut you always were!" --smiled Mack, aiming his cock back down at my mouth. He grabbed my head with both hands, then rammed old fuck pre-teen himself all the way back down into my open throat and started fucking in and out. "Get ready this time, kid...I'm gonna give you want you want!" he warned. I felt my own cock jerk inside my underwear. Mack titled back and head and then hammered into my face fast and furiously. I could barely breath as his pre-teen pantyhose pics pelvis slapped into my face again and again. His thick cock pummeled into my aching throat, claiming it as its own. My own dick erupted in my pants, sending forth 5 spurts of creamy cum which instantly started to soak through and spot my crotch. Just then I felt Mack's cock thicken. He jammed his cock all the way down into my throat one last time, and held it there."AARRRRHHH, SSSHHIIITTT...!!" -he cursed, throwing back his head. I felt his cock throb and pulse in my throat, then felt the heavy deluge of cum syrup flood down my throat into my belly. pre-teen male nudes "Awe fuck, yeah! Damn! Shit yeah!" he yelled as his orgasm fed me all the potent protein I needed. He grip relaxed pre-teen model paysites on my head as he fell back against the counter. I slowly slid my lips back up the pulsing shaft so I could suck on the head and taste his sperm. Me Mack laughed pre-teen pussy pics to himself as his orgasm finally began to subside. He wiped his brown on his forearm as he re-gained his composure."You one hungry lil' fucker, ain'tchu Danny?" I only responded by draining his dick dry. Once he was sure I had swallowed all of his tiny baby makers, did his nude pre-teen picture limp dick fall from my lips and he began to zip up. nubile pre-teens Before I could get up off of my knees, Mack leaned in over me, and reached one of his big strong hands down into the ass of my slacks. "Next time I see you, I want some of this fine white ass!" he said, squeezing the maxwells pre-teen models bare cheeks. I groaned, pressing my ass back in heat pre-teen lo-li-ta as one of his beefy fingers found my hole and pushed in. His finger sank in easily, surrounded by semen Jon had shot into me prior to leaving his bar. "Horny bitch..., you got cum in you right now! Who fucked you? Was it Brian?""No..., the bartender at Rosco's." I pre-teenies topless admitted."Really? Still getting that twat fucked at the bar, eh? Figures!" he laughed, removing his finger. He grabbed a handful of my hair, then shoved his cum wet finger into my mouth to clean off. I could taste Jon's cum on his thick digits. "How long you in town?" he pre-teens nude top links asked, liking what he saw."A few more days, I'm not sure." I admitted."Maybe me and Ray will stop by before you go..., give you and your dad a wild ride. Be like old times." -he suggested."I'm down..." I gleamed. "...but I'm not sure about dad. He'd been acting kinda funny towards me since I got back. I think I bring up bad memories for him, or something.""Your dad needs an attitude adjustment." --informed Mack. "He's as big a cock sucker as you are..., he just feels guilty about doing it with his son around, that's all. But me and Ray will pre-teen nude girls knock that out of him. Trust me.""I do!" I said, getting up to my feet. Mack zipped up his pants, his fat cock now soft and satisfied (at least temporarily) as he stuffed it back down into its resting place."We'll call." --he said simply, walking out the door. I followed him to the doorway, watching him leave as he strolled back to his car with a lazy but confident strut. He was one sexy old man, tall, pre-teen erotica porn dark brown, bald, graying mustache and goatee, muscular all over, and a gigantic fat juicy cock. His wife was NUTS to leave him, no matter what their problems were. Mack got into his car and drove off without a look back. I waited until his car was out of his sight, the taste of his cum still strong in my mouth and throat. When I closed the door and returned into the kitchen, Eric was standing there in his boxers, leaning skinny pre-teen galleries against the kitchen door with his arms folded across his chest, and a big shit eating grin across his handsome face."What?" I asked, startled."Like father non-nude pre-teen underwear like son, I amateur pre-teen sex stories see." -he smiled, nodding towards my wet crotch."Fuck up, Eric!" I teased, rolling my eyes as I locked the door."Your dad's already taken care of that! That ole man's ass is like a bottomless pit! He can't get enough!""Your complaining? I saw you fucking him upstairs when I came in." I admitted."He wanted it. He always wants it." --grinned Eric."Lucky you. You should both live happily ever after once I leave." I said, sarcastically."Relax Danny..., it was a good-bye fuck. I'm going back to Miami this morning. Mikey's driving me to the airport before he heads into work.""Oh. I..., I though...""I live in Miami, Danny. Not Springdale. All of my endorsements and sports related correspondence are based in Miami, -I'd be a fool to move back here where news groups nude pre-teen I have no future.""But I thought...""I love your dad, man. He's like a second father to me, -only better." --winked Eric. "But I'm not moving back to Springdale. Your dad said he'd love to come visit me in Miami, though. Maybe all of you could come; you, Mikey, Kevin, Kalif, and your dad? I got plenty of room. It'll be like another reuion!""That'll be fun, man. nn-pre-teens I'd like that!" I agreed, feeling stupid for all the jealousy I felt earlier. I walked over and gave Eric a brotherly hug, smelling my father's scent pre-teen pussy movie all over him. When I pulled back, Eric wiped some of the drool from my shirt off of his bare chest."You really need to change, dude. That guy really made a mess of your shirt. Not to mention your free naked pre-teens galleries throat!""That was Mack, -one of my dad's oldest friends!" I reminded."He one of the ones that fucked your pop when he was drunk back then?" --recalled Eric."Yeah. They did a job on us one day in a motel..." I began to daydream..."I remember. I saw the video." --said free pre-teen archive Eric, his dick starting to tent out his boxers. My eyes dropped down onto it the instant it awakened. It'd been a long time since I sucked Eric off. After falling in love with Kevin and going off to college, I hadn't seen much of Eric other than the moment's I caught him making my dad suck his cock. I searched my memory to recall how his load tasted. I used to get so much of it before dad found out we were all fucking around. Just then, dad came bouncing down the steps with his briefcase. He was running late for work."Danny!" --he called, coming into the kitchen. "I was hoping to see you before I left! nudist family pre-teens Will you be here when I get off of work?" he asked, grabbing a bagel from the fridge."uh.., yeah. I've decided to stay a few more days." I said, calmly."Good! Maybe we can go out to dinner together, or do something fun!" --suggested dad."Kew." I said."Right now I'm running late!" --he said, grabbing a cup of coffee in a thermos."I wonder why?" --smiled Eric. Dad blushed."See you later son." --he said, changing gears. He kissed me pre-teennonnudephotos on the cheek, then turned to Eric. "And YOU..." he said, taking anime pre-teen girl a breath to relax. " have a good flight back home! And this time, keep in touch!""I will." --smiled Eric, holding out his hand to shake. Dad shook it proudly, no doubt having already given Eric his REAL good-bye upstairs earlier. But to dad's surprise, Eric pulled him into a hug. Dad's hands were filled with his coffee thermos, his bagel, and his briefcase, so he couldn't resist. But then Eric really embarrassed him by planting a soul kiss on dad's lips pre-teen stories ped while he gripped him up in his arms sexy pre-teen lingerie and grabbed 2 hefty handfuls of dad's firm ass. At first I saw dad tense, knowing I was in the room. But as Eric's thick tongue drilled naked illegal pre-teen pics into his mouth, I saw the tension melt away. Soon dad was returning the kiss sloppily, sucking Eric's tongue willingly. When they finally broke up, dad looked a little flustered as he re-grouped and made his way out the door. I watched Eric watched dad as he closed the door behind himself. Eric's pre-teen nympjets thumbs cock was fully hard, the slit in pre-teens child his boxers revealing partial cock flesh. He caught me looking at it, and reached down to caress it. He pulled the flimsy material aside, causing his long cock bbs pre-teen top list to spill out. "Why don't you give me a little good-bye blow job? For old times sake?""Didn't pics of hot pre-teens you just fuck my dad with that cock?" I asked, knowing my dad's flavor was probably all over it."Yeah..., so?""So..., what took you so long to ask?" I joked, falling to my knees in front of him. Eric watched as I licked up and down his thick white cock shaft, licking away all the dried cum, lube, and anal juice from my father's bowels. When I got to the head, I sucked it into my mouth, loving the spongy feel between my lips. Eric said nothing as I lathered his cock with my mouth before slowly swallowing him down. His cock got harder, the further down my mouth inched. Soon I felt the head touch into the back of my throat, -I closed my eyes and pushed forward, taking all the hot hard meat all the way pre-teen nude-art photography down."Awww fuck, man..., you throat is like fucking butter, dude!" --moaned Eric, leaning back against the sink. I felt his pre-teen russian nude schoolgirls entire cock lodge down into my throat. I tightened my lips down around the base, then sucked hard on the way back up to the tip. I could definitely taste my dad's ass."So where were you last night? You dad was worried." --asked Eric, watching me suck back and forth on his pole."I went to Rosco's last night after the reception." I said, pulling up off his cock for a moment."Oh yeah..., the bartender." -recalled Eric. "So he fucked you, did he? Leave a big load in your ass?""Is there any other kind?" I joked."Let me see it." --said Eric."I thought you wanted a blow job?" I said, licking at his cock head."You know I like ass more." --reminded Eric. I stood up and undid my pants. Eric walked around behind me as I pulled my pants down to reveal my bare ass. Eric made me free hardcore pre-teen porn reach pre-teen pussy gallery back and pull apart the cheeks, exposing my wet hole. "Open it wider..." he ordered. I gripped the inner crack, then pulled further apart. pre-teen free xxx pictures I could feel my hole stretch open, a trickle of cum oozing from the loosened hole. Without warning, Eric aimed his wet cock up to my asshole and shoved in. I pre-teen young girl models yelled aloud as my asshole gaped open and accepted his ramrod in one long frightful plunge."AAAAAAHHHHH...SHIT!!""You can take it!" --challenged Eric, grabbing my shoulders as he ground his hairy pubes into my ass. "This ass of yours've seen many fights! This is nothing compared to all the cocks you used to take! And I'm sure, nudism and pre-teen STILL taking!" I said nothing in my own defense, I simply let Eric fuck me anyway he saw fit. Once his cock got used to my buttery innards, he began fucking me in length, right there in the kitchen. I held onto the sink as my best friend worked his ample 8 and inch cock into me, using my hole like some ***** groupie cunt he fucked while in Miami. I loved every minute of it, feeling his cock slip and slide in and out of me like a well lubed piston."Oh fuck, man! I can feel dude's cum coating my cock! He shot a big load in you, dude! How many times did he fuck you?" asked Eric, going wild on my ass. I held on tight to the sink while he fucked me harder, driving more and more cock deep and through me like a battering ram. Jon's cum oozed out around his thrusting cock shaft, dripping salty sauce down my balls and onto the floor between my spread legs."Don't stop, Eric! Your cock feels so fucking good in sweet pre-teen boys pictures me, man! Use my ass! Fuck me like you did my dad! Cum in me too!" I begged."You slut! I'm gonna fuck the living shit outta you!" --threatened Eric, picking up the pace as he slapped me hard on the ass. My butt cheeks stung from his large hands. I grunted and groaned, throwing my ass cunt back on him with each thrust. My own cock grew rock hard between my legs. I reached down and started stroking it, it was still gummy and wet from my previous ejaculation in my pants. Eric's cock bore into my hole with growing intensity. I wanted to show him I was as good a fuck as my dad. I stroked my cock while I arched my back, giving him a better target to fuck into. My dick jerked and jumped in my hand, then started spewing seed all over the cabinets under the sink."Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh fuck! Ohhhh...!!" I came, falling to my knees as my legs grew weak. Eric followed me down to the floor, still fucking in and out of my convulsing asshole with harder thrusts. He held onto my hips in doggy position, and didn't stop until he shot a huge load deep into my bowels."AWWW YEAH! DAMN! FUCK YEAAAH! AWWW SHIT!" he screamed and cursed as he came. I felt every pulse and purge as his cum filled my colon to complete capacity. When he pulled out of me and staggered up to his feet, Mikey was standing in the outer doorway in his police uniform, stroking his exposed cock."That was hot!" he said, lost in our lust. I barely had time to compute what was going on, when Mikey quickly crossed the room, and started spewing cum all over my upturned face. I closed my eyes just in pre-teen gallery pictures time as his semen came shooting out like machine gun pellets, pre-teen nudest dotting my entire face in a fresh spray of sperm. I opened my mouth blindly, and took his still erupting cock inside. The last few spurts painted my tongue before I swallowed 3d adult cartoons pre-teen them."Jeez Mikey..., you could at least let a person know pre-teen girls in lingerie you were standing there! I nearly had a heart attack!" complained Eric, gathering his strength."I saw Danny's dad leave, then looked in the window to see you two fucking like pigs!" sighed Mike."You're the only piggy here!" laughed Eric."Ha-Ha. Guess you don't want that ride to the airport after all, eh?" teased Mikey."Okay, okay. Sorry. Just let me take a quick shower. Maybe we can go somewhere pre-teen usenet forum and have breakfast? My plane doesn't leave for another 2 hours." --suggested Eric, disappearing out the kitchen for the stairs."I got all the breakfast free pre-teen boy art I need, right here!" --said Mikey, bending down beside me, as he started to lick all of his cum off of my painted face.
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